Welcome to the The Desoto WikiEdit

The purpose of this wiki is to try to collect, organize, and archive information related to DeSoto automobiles. Users are invited to submit their own materials, create their own articles, and edit/add information to existing articles.

First PagesEdit

As an example, I have added some radio information recently added from the National Desoto Club forums. It is hoped that users will find this sort of compendium useful and begin to contribute their own materials and expertise.

The first demonstration page is a page as related to radios from model years 1946-1950. Please have a look:

Radios for Model Years 1946-1950 Here is another linking to a pdf of 1949 VIN plate decals in pdf format. Note, non-picture files must be hosted by a third party.

1949 VIN plate decal sheet

1949 Dash Light Replacement

If you create a page, please link to it here on the main page and I will try to organize them all in an easy to navigate contents menu.

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